RailTrackr: Rails 2.0 meets Flickr!

RailTrackr is a brand new project I’m working on. It is a Rails that merges together rails 2.0 with Flickr APIs to provide a stunning visual experience to navigate Flickr photosets.

RailTrackr has been initially created to demonstrate Rails 2.0 capabilities in a soon-to-appear article to be published on the famous developer portal . Given enough time, I’ll continue working on it and improve it further and further.

Want a demo? Watch the Screencast . Take a look at the pictures here below.

Wanna contribute? Take a look at the project page .

Thanks to ChrisM70 and floridapfe flickr users for their images (I’ve borrowed them for the logo and the screencast of RailTrackr).

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battlehorse at gmail dot com almost 9 years ago, Riccardo Govoni said:

Yes, I'll have a working demo soon on this website. I have only to solve a couple of issues with my provider currently not supporting Rails 2.0 ... and therefore I have to play a bit with freezing gems. almost 9 years ago, bhaarat said:

this is pretty cool!!

do you plan on having a live demo anytime soon?


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