Life with a Chromebook

I have been using a ChromeOs cr-48 device for a few weeks now, and these are my findings. I tried using the cr-48 for as many tasks as I could, including writing, image editing and even coding. Am I satisfied with the device? For some tasks, it’s just awesome. For other things, the entire cloud model is still not just there, either because of completely broken workflows, or small details.



Live Javascript Editor

I released on github a small project called Live Javascript Editor. LJE is a simple javascript app that lets you type and execute Javascript code and snippets on the fly. Its main purpose is to help a speaker present and illustrate Javascript code to an audience, like you would do during a tech conference.



Borg 3.1 is out, and on github

I have released a new version of the Borg CMS that powers this blog (and is free for anyone to use for their own sites). Among the major new features: improved readability for the theme you are currently looking at, improved rendering support for tablets (including the Xoom) and smartphones, new support for draft pages and license notices and more bugfixes. Also, borg is now 100% hosted on github. You can find it here.

Hi there

The name is Riccardo Govoni. I’m a Software Engineer working in Google London. I have a passion for data visualizations, data mining, theoretical physics, xkcd, having lots of vi (or emacs, depending on the mood) buffers on screen and coding in general. Learn more about me.

Additional Resources

Have a look at the site blog, the Site map or a selection of some of the projects I work on (mostly in my spare time, likely to be out of date).

Featured Projects

Rhizosphere, is an innovative project to provide in-browser html-based spatial navigation and interaction on structured data.

Borg, brand new v3.2 is out!