Css Scroll effect, canvas and webfonts

While working on some UI design today, I wanted to introduce a CSS effect where one div would scroll underneath another, with a nice shadow effect. Nothing new, you can get an idea right from the thumbnail here to the left, or following the link to the demo. I googled hoping to quickly find some ready made CSS to copy but couldn’t find it, so I decided to write a simple HTML page on my own to reproduce it. UPDATE: Published the code as a gist.



HTML5 History API: Sure it's good, but...

A few days ago, Joe Hewitt of Firefox and Firebug fame tweeted about HTML5 History APIs: “history.pushState, such a great new web api, but so terribly broken in iOS Safari. Is iOS 5 here yet?”. Since I spent quite some time working with HTML5 history while developing Rhizosphere, his tweet prompted me to share my opinions on the HTML5 History API. This article discusses what I think are the main limitations of the new API.

Hi there

The name is Riccardo Govoni. I’m a Software Engineer working in Google London. I have a passion for data visualizations, data mining, theoretical physics, xkcd, having lots of vi (or emacs, depending on the mood) buffers on screen and coding in general. Learn more about me.

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Rhizosphere, is an innovative project to provide in-browser html-based spatial navigation and interaction on structured data.

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