Closing down Gullery and replacing with Railtrackr

Loyal to the good practice of eating your own dogfood I have removed from this site my old Gullery image viewer and replaced it with my own Railtrackr . Now the link points to my Flickr photosets.


16th is now live! Developers welcome!

RailTrackr, a web 2.0 Flickr photo browser, is now live and available to everybody on ! In addition to that, a new development website has been started to support Railtrackr. Railtrackr is currently opensource and will remain so. Developers are very welcome and I invite you to join the project at Railtrackr Devsite (hosted on The project page on this website won’t receive further updates and will point to the new development website.



RailTrackr article has been published on DevX has published my latest article, an introduction to Ruby on Rails 2.0 that uses RailTrackr as a sample application to describe the topic. See my full list of articles for other topics.



RailTrackr: Rails 2.0 meets Flickr!

RailTrackr is a brand new project I’m working on. It is a Rails that merges together rails 2.0 with Flickr APIs to provide a stunning visual experience to navigate Flickr photosets.

Hi there

The name is Riccardo Govoni. I’m a Software Engineer working in Google London. I have a passion for data visualizations, data mining, theoretical physics, xkcd, having lots of vi (or emacs, depending on the mood) buffers on screen and coding in general. Learn more about me.

Additional Resources

Have a look at the site blog, the Site map or a selection of some of the projects I work on (mostly in my spare time, likely to be out of date).

Featured Projects

Rhizosphere, is an innovative project to provide in-browser html-based spatial navigation and interaction on structured data.

Borg, brand new v3.2 is out!